Executive Team Building

Be more effective, grow more profits, go faster now. Oh, and while you're at it, make sure everyone in your department or group is happy, productive, and deeply connected to every other person. And, make it happen tomorrow.

People work well in teams when they are motivated by a shared vision or a common mission. The best teams exhibit a natural flow of give and take where individual differences are less important than getting the whole job done well. Excellent teams model open, honest communication. Energetic momentum toward problem solving develops the feeling of achievement and success.

But how exactly do team players know what to do? And how can each person effectively deal with the inevitable: jealousies, talent disparities, competition, ego, role confusion, and so many more factors half of which may be concealed or misunderstood?

Human beings coalesce into cooperative groups when sharing a crisis or common threat. But in business, stress tends to arise out of the day to day grind. Therefore, the solution lies in changing the day to day behaviors. New practices of good humor, empathy, enthusiasm, and positive language creates a new culture. Suggestion from the coach: Together come up with a team name, and start each weekly meeting with three minutes of sentences that begin with "I appreciate..."

"In my family growing up I learned to manage conflict at a very young age. It has cultivated in me an strong desire to help organizations and their people work through conflict, build teams, and see them return with success. As I facilitate in the dissolving of barriers between people, I delight in watching the inevitable re-opening of communication."

Rob Kanzer