People say...

"Rob Kanzer is the wealthiest man I know. When I was consulting to the world’s largest Pharma companies he saved ME and my company $50,000 in just three days of his insightful coaching. Rob firmly guided me to ‘tell the truth’ so that my vision, goals, and priorities were completely and powerfully aligned. This focus eliminated less effective activities and re-directed resources to the activities with the highest return on investment. Rob is a catalyst to creating high functioning teams – he immediately moves you and your colleagues to a higher level of performance."

John Westman, Vice President for Critical Care, NxStage Medical

"Understanding, sensitive, intelligent, creative, supportive, experienced, spiritual, focused, good natured, and empowering. These are just some of the words that come to my mind when describing Rob Kanzer, the person and the professional. His coaching truly has changed my life... I have and will continue to recommend him to others."

Scott Schillin real estate investment counselor

"What I have noticed most is that I have grown in my ability to communicate what I want. Rob assists me in seeing and speaking clearly 'my dream come true' and then guides me into acting with integrity".

Dianne Larson, CEO, Minerva Medical Communications

"Rob Kanzer makes things happen. He is especially willing to go outside of his comfort zone to get through to a win/win outcome. He has this way of both being provocative and compassionate at the same time. And while it is not always comfortable, it is almost always effective. I recommend Rob as an effective catalyst for personal growth and connection."

Steve Slavsky, VP Business Development, CorNova, Inc.

"Rob Kanzer is a 'cut above' even most senior coaches I know. He is an example for coaches in that he truly listens rather than speaks. If you're seeking to clear the fog, and see clearly your next step on the path of life, try and get on Rob's client list."

David Wood, Director, LifeSkills Coaching

“The skills Rob Kanzer is teaching me are without question the best skills I’ve ever been taught in my adult life to deal with making my schedule effective, focused, and productive. One skill alone—learning to use a “clock hour schedule” regularly—has transformed my life better than any techniques I’ve tried for decades.”

Ed Mowrey

"With his clarity of vision, I made an important decision with ease and then acted with greater confidence. And his playful spirit helped keep it all in perspective. He is a joy to know."

Marcia Reynolds, past president, International Coach Federation

..."He revealed authority, sensitivity and a mastery of the situations that arose. I recommend Rob highly... he can train and assist people in various professions."

Dr. Yael Zif, Northeastern University, Executive Development program

"Rob Kanzer has a special way that makes people feel comfortable. He makes individuals take stock in their lives and reminds them what is valuable.  That is such an important gift.  I am so happy we were able to connect . . . There is always someone who would benefit from his efforts."

Pamela J. Bakos, Senior Vice President, Winslow, Evans & Crocker, Inc.